Original Art Pieces  

" Invertir en arte se convierte en la energía con la que el creador al final se alimenta "

* 1/1 Unique Originals Artworks on SELL*





París, San Francisco, Sidney, Bruselas, Barcelona, Madrid, Llançà, Lanzarote, Perpinyà, Ginebra,  Mainz, Frankfurt, Thebes, Cadaqués, ...  

** The shipment cost is due 50% by Customer 50% the artist. All works sold here over 2,000 € will be sended to the client in profesional conditions and all transport inside Europe are free for the client .The artist will assume the cost of shiping and in preference will be the same artist wich will deliver it personally.Shipment outside Europe please consult, and any other question be welcome to write to the e-mail artist: enkidu77@gmail.com